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Wholesale Leather Messenger Bags.

The messenger bag initiated from New York in the 1950s, where they were manufactured for telephone linemen to easily take out their tools whilst working. In the 1970s the bicycle messengers profession increased, this resulted in messenger bags being used to make deliveries as it was easy to carry whilst riding their bikes. As professions changed the messenger bag became widely used and quickly developed into a fashionable item.

At Vitali, we concentrate in producing long-lasting leather messenger bags using premium leathers to suit your style and needs. Each leather bag is designed and constructed with practicality and strength in mind in order for the user to be able to get full use from their bag. A Vitali messenger bag is built to last, even when used daily with strong craftsmanship being core in design.

The leather messenger bag is believed to be the most practical bag with its single sling design to leave the users hands free. We have a range of styles and sizes that have many uses depending on the individuals needs. Larger messengers bags that can carry laptops, folders and A4 sized documents are normally used for work and school. Smaller messengers can carry wallets, passports, purses, cameras, small documents and phones which is ideal for travelling or short journeys.

The Vitali messenger bag is created for the user to have a stylish bag that can be used everyday. The leather messenger is handmade with premium leather in order for the user to have a high quality leather bag that ages beautifully as it is used.

All our Vitali messenger bags are equipped with plenty of useful pockets and security compartments that are enclosed in a fashionable body. This enables the user to have full usage of their bag without sacrificing on style.


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